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Voice Lessons


I am passionate about helping people of all ages discover their vocal potential through fun and supportive learning. My goal is to make lessons about improving vocal technique, but also about expressing yourself, gaining confidence onstage, and falling in love with music.

Lesson Options


30 Minutes

This is a great option for a younger voice beginning their vocal journey. We will have time for vocal coaching, with a slow integration of vocal technique.


1 Hour

Most recommended option. This time allows us to coach song selections together, as well as, teach vocal technique more thoroughly.


45 Minutes

As you advance in your vocal lessons, this option is great for a student who is looking for song coachings, while addressing their vocal technique.


Monthly "Maintenance"

More advanced students may be looking for an option to revisit their technique, but cannot commit to weekly vocal lessons. *This option does require consultation for eligibility*

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